The Pathological Sloth

Oh my goodness im so fucking depressed and overwhelmed! I’m in my room right now and I put my headphones in when I heard my housemate come home as a get out clause in case he caught me pretending not to be in…what the fuck is that!? I’m sure I never used to be this anti-social. I feel so disconnected and othered and like I’ve already failed at life and im on 25! I’ve lost my mojo man! What the fuck do I do?? If anyone reads this, please, throw me a rope or kick in the arse, or, well, anything. Sometimes I feel like theres so much energy and I don’t know where to put it so it paralyses me into inactivity, pathological sloth…thats what I am right now! A pathological sloth, hiding out in her own room pretending not to be here.


Question #2

Does anyone else have days when they feel overly sensitive to light for no apparent reason?



I fled Brexit island with small money and a loose plan.

There are freezing winds sweeping across Europe and also my face! I’m having vivid, recurring dreams about my recently dead Grandfather (I saw it all, it was gruesome, more chilling than these winds) and I keep eating value tortilla chips until I feel sick and depressed. They’re like sand, the crummies get everywhere!

Tips on self-motivation profoundly appreciated. Can trade for tips on how to talk yourself out of literally anything.



Has anyone else scrutinised their face to the point where you cease to recognise any gender defining characteristics – not in an androgy-chic way but in the pallid, sexless grub way – I have



…what am I???



What I love about alcohol is the huge reduction in personal inhibitions, but I don’t like smoking or cocaine or any other idiots it facilitates…I could take diazepam instead, but I don’t want to risk the weight gain. God bless the internet.


Jesus God I have been trying to start this blog for years… Why?

Validation? Praise? Self improvement?

To reach out, connect, move people, learn, teach?

No. Now the dustĀ  has settled I realize the driving force behind theĀ  impetuous ‘I’ is just that: I am Me, I want to grow and that will never change.

And I loved Him.

No going back now